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New AI Texture Generator Rocks!

We at Artimatic are very excited to announce that geNNie, our all-new AI based Image and Texture generator is online and ready to use today--and it's totally free!

geNNie is based on the very latest, cutting-edge machine learning technology. Even though what it does is immensely complex, the result is that you yourself can generate images from a number of categories almost like magic!

geNNie is based on the very latest, cutting-edge machine learning technology

How can you use geNNie? Simple: head here and you’ll instantly be treated to a sample of images created by geNNie. If you want to try another category of image, click the drop-down menu at the top left and choose something else. After a few seconds you’ll be treated to a selection of these new images. And if you want more of the same, simply click the “generate new” button to serve up a new group of images!

If you’d like to download the images, take a couple of minutes to create an account and you’ll have access to the like and download buttons, so you can create a gallery of your favorite images, and download anything you like. It is of course free to sign up, and best of all, these images are copyright free so use them as you wish!

simply click the “generate new” button to serve up a new group of images!

Beautiful AI Generated Flowers

How does geNNie work? It uses several Deep Neural Network technologies that have been developed in the past couple of years, including UNets, Transformers, and even Diffusion Models. Without getting into too much detail (and there is a lot of detail to get into!), geNNie leverages these technologies to connect text—e.g., “tileable tree bark”—to AI generated images that match the text. Each image is unique but the general look is directed by the text prompt. What’s really amazing is that we can use this text-to-image generation capability to generate images in many new categories. In some ways imagination is the limit!

Tileable Wood Textures

If you feel like helping our out company by buying us a few coffees a month, you can subscribe for $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year. For this you get get an ad-free experience on geNNie’s page, and direct access to our support team if you have suggestions or comments, as well as access to future subscription-only features. Thank you for helping support us!

we think you’ll agree that geNNie is an easy and fun solution to generating textures!

Concrete and Tile, Ready to Use for any Flooring Needs

While geNNie contains amazing technology, we think you’ll agree that it is an easy and fun solution to generating textures, tilelable textures, and images of all sorts for backgrounds. If you enjoy generating new textures and images with geNNie, you can also head to our forums and talk all about it with others. You’re also welcome to suggest new image categories in the forums. In fact we’d love to hear what new types of images you’d like to see!

Come take a look, play around, generate some images, and let us know what you think of geNNie!

John & Ben, co-founders of Artimatic

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