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Easily Convert 3D Files From fbx to glb/glTF And Back!

If you need to go from industry standard FBX format to or from the awesome open source glTF/glb format, Transformer can do it in seconds! 

Transfer your meshes to open source in seconds!

Transformer is your solution if you need to go from any 3D animation package (like Autodesk Maya, Blender, 3DS Max, etc.) to the open source 3D file format, gltf/glb. Save your mesh as a fbx file, and simply drag-and-drop it here to get either a glb (binary) or gltf (ascii) 3D mesh that supports open source standards!

Convert GLB to FBX

Convert glTF to FBX

Convert FBX to GLB

Convert FBX to glTF

Check the Khronos Group's website for more information on glTF and GLB files.

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