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We strive to push the limits of creativity & innovation

Artimatic is Hiring!

At Artimatic, we develop AI tools to assist creators of all levels—from professionals to amateurs—in bringing their artistic visions to life. Our products for 3D animation, 2D images, and video are currently in the pre-funding stages of development. 


Artimatic's research has already yielded one approved patent, with two others currently pending. We have recently been awarded a highly competitive NSF/SBIR grant and are now exploring sources of Angel Investor funding, Seed Funding, and other Venture Capital opportunities.


Join our team and help Artimatic grow!

A Successful Team Member…

  • Is based in the United States and available for remote work, committing to 30 hours per week.

  • Demonstrates a passion for small, dynamic startup environments, embodying a strong self-starter attitude and collaborative spirit to deliver high-quality software solutions. 

  • Possesses a basic understanding of the 3D animation work-cycle, although this is considered a plus rather than a requirement.

  • Is highly valued if they bring previous industry experience to the table, though not a requirement.

Machine Learning Lead Engineer
Key Responsibilities
•    Collaborate closely with our ML lead and data engineer to develop a robust data pipeline for ML training and validation.
•    Play a fundamental role in advancing our ML tech stack, encompassing various responsibilities such as:
o    Researching new techniques.
o    Training new methodologies for building out ML pipelines for 2D and 3D data.
o    Moving these methods into production-ready software that is robust to high traffic inference. 
•    Essential skills encompass being highly proficient in:
o    Python and PyTorch (TensorFlow is acceptable although we work in PyTorch)
o    Researching and building advanced ML architectures, specifically in Diffusion Modeling.
o    Efficient and effective training using small to medium sized data. 
o    Other architectures such as LLMs and GANs is also useful. s
Data Engineer
Key Responsibilities 
•    Collaborate with senior management and the Machine Learning team to establish and expand a robust data set and data pipeline for training and validating our ML models. 
•    Responsibilities will entail: 
o    Identifying existing and creating new data sets.
o    Organizing and enhancing these data sets—potentially with some synthetic data.
o    Curating these for quality and cleaning data (both in the data set and as a pre-processing step prior to running the data through the training and/or inference engines).
o    Distributing this data to all the stakeholders in an efficient and well documented manner. 
•    Essential skills encompass being highly proficient in:
o    Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem.
o    S3 and the AWS SDK
o    With extensive experience creating, organizing, and curating large data sets. 
o    Experience with Python, and 3D file formats like Blender, Maya or other are highly valued but not required.
Full Stack Developer
Key Responsibilities 
•    Collaborate with senior management on our technology stack, centered around Amazon Web Services (AWS), encompassing both front and back-end development.
•    Essential skills encompass being highly proficient in:
o    Amazon Web Services 
o    Typescript for our NextJS front-end 
o    Python for our Django REST API back-end
o    A strong understanding of RESTful and structured database best practices is highly recommended. 

About Artimatic: At Artimatic we make AI tools to help creators—from professionals to amateurs—realize their artistic vision. Our products for 3D animation and 2D images and video are in the pre-funding stages of development. Artimatic recently received a highly competitive NSF/SBIR grant and are exploring Angel Investor, Seed Funding and other Venture Capital sources. Join our team and help Artimatic grow!
Contact John Gibbs, co-founder and CEO

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