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Connecting Dots

Bridging the gap between imagination and creation


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John Gibbs

Dr. John Gibbs, President and CEO for Artimatic, Inc., has degrees from The Ohio State University (MA, Ph.D.), the University of Georgia (MS), and Princeton University (BA). John has published numerous articles on topics including 3D animation and artificial intelligence, and has published 11 books, nine of which are related to 3D animation. These books have been published around the world, and have been translated into at least 8 languages. John also has more than 25 years experience teaching 3D animation, sound design, programming, screen writing, and a number of other topics. In addition to his roles as professor at the University of Georgia and as CEO of Artimatic, Inc., John also has a YouTube channel, Dr Know-it-all, that discusses technical and AI related topics. Overall, John has a passion for the intersection of technology and the arts, and loves to share this passion with everyone who will listen!

Ben Flanders

Ben Flanders is the Chairsperson of the Board and COO-CFO at Artmiatic Technologies, Inc. Ben works hard to make financial decisions, innovate on Artimatic’s core technology, and do what it takes to create a great place to work. Ben graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Computer Science, B.A. in Cognitive Science, and an M.S in Artificial Intelligence. In his spare time, Ben adventures with his two dogs and cheers on the Georgia Bulldogs! Ben has a love for learning that keeps him excited, even when facing the toughest of challenges. Ben finds joy in imagination but knows first hand how difficult it can be to create something from those artistic ideas. He is motivated to create tools that make it easier to turn an idea into something real. 

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