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Take your videos to the NEXT LEVEL!
Animate takes any short video and turns it into a fun, exciting AI Animation--for Free!

Artimatic Animate is simple: sign up for free (name and valid email address) and upload up to 30 seconds of video. Tweak a couple of settings, or click "random" to randomize the settings. Press submit. In a few seconds get a wild, fun animated version of your video back.!
Try It Now
It's fun and easy. Just sign in or sign up, and upload a video of your choice, either horizontally or vertically oriented!
Start a Gallery and Share Your Results
All videos you create are stored in your personal gallery. If you want to share, you can click the "share" icon to seamlessly share your creations with friends and family. And of course you can download the video and repost it on other platforms!

Artimatic Animate is a free service with ad support. If you would like to help fund our projects and remove ads for a better experience, you can get a subscription for only $9.99 a month. Thanks!

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Check out how much fun Animate is!

Here are some before (left) and after (right) videos that show off what happens when you take a basic, boring video and Animate it!

Biker Dog Before

Gordon Before

Biker Dog Trippy

Gordon Superman

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Prefer an ad-free experience?

If you prefer an ad-free experience and would like to help us develop more cool products, you can subscribe. Thank you!

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