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Cliffs and River

The Vision

To make new paths from imagination to creation.

Our Story
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We’re John and Ben,

co-founders of Artimatic! 

We want to help digital artists realize their visions as effortlessly as possible.

So Artimatic, Inc. was born! In this age of digital art, there is now more room for artists to entertain, market, and explore than ever before. But with all this freedom has also come a wide variety of roadblocks that separate artists from realizing their vision, turning ideas into creations. Artimatic’s goal is to break down these barriers, allowing digital artists to efficiently and effectively do what they do best: create! For now, Artimatic has its sights set on building tools for 3D animators, but the future is wide open for a company that blends art and science. 

Artimatic’s first product, skiNNer, came into being from a graduate level course at The University of Georgia taught by John and attended by Ben. The class explored the intersection between the digital artistry of 3D animation and the cutting edge research being done in AI and Machine Learning. During the class, we identified a thorny issue that 3D animators have—weight painting skinned skeletal meshes—and explored the ways in which ML techniques, particularly Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) could be utilized to solve this time consuming, thankless task. Thus, the prototype for skiNNer was born!

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At the midpoint of the class, COVID struck, leaving us with a lot more free time to work remotely on the project. Using Zoom and other collaboration methods, and with the help of UGA’s Innovation Gateway and the NSF supported I-Corps, we proceeded to code, perform market research, patent our work, and do all the other planning required to take a research project and turn it into a commercial product.

Our Mission

Blending art and technology to empower the creative vision.

Thank you for being part of our journey. And, to borrow from REM and Weaver D's (two other Athens, Georgia natives), Artimatic, for the people!

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